Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome to the Tour de France Travel Blog

Getting to the Tour de France can be both a challenge and a thrill if you are trying to go it alone/without a Tour provider. In 2000 I made my first Tour and didn't miss one until 2008. Most of those years I split time working as professional tour guide, or traveling with friends. 

For 2009 I will again be at Le Tour and have published this blog as a way for helping people looking for travel advice. For a few years during my travels I published a small book on how to do self-guided trips. This information comes directly from that book. 

I have split the different chapters into posts that are located on the right hand column of this page  (blog archive). Hopefully you'll find just the bit of info you're looking for. If not feel free to mail me. I will also be posting from the tour and leading up to the Tour on Twitter. 

Over the next few weeks we be adding posts on key stages with tips on where to stay, where to watch and how to get there. Most of the info will be focused on the stages in Alps, Pyrenees, Mont Ventoux and the time trial in Annecy. 

email tourjohnnys AT gmail DOT com 

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